Professional Akrýl Pensill.
Nail Perfect

Professional Akrýl Pensill.

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NailPerfect Professional Acrylic Brush is a size 8 oval brush with a high quality blend of Kolinsky – Sable hair. This brush allows you to have complete control over your application. Also perfect to use for a beautiful nail art.

This brush has a retractable handle which you can use as a storage cap.


High quality acrylic brush Size 8
Blend of Kolinsky - Sable hair Crisp point

Large flat belly
Complete control application
For precise cuticle applications & back fills. Retractable handle

Before usage:
It’s very important to remove the gum Arabic of the brush before using. Remove this with a clean tissue until all the gum has removed. The gum shows how the brush looks like when its wet, but it won’t take your Acrylic liquid when the gum is still in because it gets sticky and will never get out of the brush again. When you drain your brush into your acrylic liquid it will look the same as before when the gum Arabic was still in.

Before you start your application, eliminate all air bubbles by dipping the brush all the way to the bottom of a NailPerfect Dappendish of choice. Wipe the brush using the side of the dappendish to drain excess liquid. Start with the acrylic application of your choice.