Fiber in a Bottle - Satin Pink
Fiber in a Bottle - Satin Pink
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Fiber in a Bottle - Satin Pink

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UPVOTED Fiber in a Bottle creates an optimal adhesion, even on problematic nails. Fiber in a Bottle is the perfect product to create thin and extremely strong nails which fills up ridges.
Available in: 3 different colors in 15 ml


Vitamin E + Calcium
Flexible and strong Ideal to create thin nails
Ideal for problematic nails
Self leveling Soft curing
Perfect to create a Baby Boom
No heat
No odor
UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec - LED: 60 sec


Step 1: Prep the nail as usual.
Step 2: Apply a thin layer of a Fiber Gel in a Bottle of choice.
Step 3: Cure for UV: 90 sec - LED: 60 sec.
Step 4: Apply another layer if you prefer more coverage or to build with tips or forms and cure (UV: 90 sec - LED: 60 sec).
Step 5: Finish with UPVOTED High Shine No Wipe Top Gel or an UPVOTED color.